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Testimonials – Why Our Customers Love “All of Us”


My husband and I received a package of your Tortilla Soup Mix as a gift and I made it today. It’s absolutely delicious! It took no time at all to make and we loved it. As is the case with practically all females, I can’t just follow a recipe! My husband loves potatoes in soup so I chopped up a few and also threw in a Vidalia onion and a few diced carrots that I needed to use. Wow! It was amazing. we loved it! The seasoning was perfect and I’ve never said that about any other pre-mixed product. I’m placing an order today! I feel for you and your family as my family farmed and can relate so well to what you lived through. I’m so thankful that you were blessed with such a wonderful turn in your life to a rewarding new way to care for your family.

Thank you,


Good Evening!! Today while visiting the craft fair in Sioux Falls, SD I got to try amazing soups and dip!!! While purchasing my items I started to talk about how our family of 5 had been stuck with disaster a month ago. We completely lost our new construction home and all contents inside to a fire. The kind man at the checkout totally cancelled the charges of my purchase and filled a bag full of yummy soup mixes! The kindness of this man is beyond words! My family and I will be eating well this winter! Thank you again for your donation!!! No one ever understands the devastation of a fire until everything is just gone! I wish I could hug you again and have you meet my family! Trust me when I say…we will be ordering again and encouraging others to do the same as well!!! May God Bless all of you in this upcoming season and forever on! Thank you!!! Lots of Love….Curt, Darcey, Isaiah, Tucker, and Carson Shabram


I had surgery on my foot in mid-December, and I cannot get into my kitchen or get around very well right now though I HAVE gone back to work . (I am an old teacher, a Reading Specialist, and my work doesn’t require much standing.)

Yesterday was our principal’s birthday, and we all were to bring things for a potluck lunch. I forgot until the night before, and my poor husband, already at his wits’ end with all he has to do in the kitchen–not a place he chooses to be–said, “Well, I don’t have any idea what we could do!”

I thought of my Blazin’ Saddles in the kitchen. We had it mixed in 10 minutes, it got to set overnight–always helpful with dip, and I have had people padding to my room to get the recipe. A far better response than anything I’ve slaved over in the past!

That experience led me to your web site this morning along with one of my colleagues, and I now know we don’t have to wait to go to Canton to enjoy your products. I loved reading your story. It lifts my heart as I think of our future in our country. People solve problems and create our future, just as you guys have done.

Heartiest congratulations to the Old Plantation family for your ingenuity, the many people you employ as you take products all over the country, and YOUR FOOD! Thanks.”




“We LOVE the gumbo, southern pecan pie muffins, all of the dips… Everything!!! Their stuff is AMAZING!!!”




“So I finally made my Tangy Jalapeno Ranch dip mix and it was AWESOME!!!!!”




I love your salsa mix! I just purchased 6 more! 🙂




“Thanks for vending out in Denver so I could buy some of you amazing gumbo mix!!!”




LOVED this! Raspberry white chocolate mix! YUM ! Definitely will be ordering more!